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Institute of Fundamental Studies and Research (IFSaR) is a not-for-profit organisation promoted by committed individuals who have extensive knowledge and working experience pertaining to the life, culture, issues and challenges faced by the socially and economically vulnerable and marginalised communities of the Thar. The organization was registered in the year 2006 under the Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958 with a view to find innovative solutions to some of the fundamental issues faced by the poor and deprived communities.

The organisation aims to empower the rural communities in the harsh, predominantly barren and remote desert region of the Thar by offering them strategic support and guidance that would initiate and sustain socially just and optimum ecological practices. Activities vary according to the needs and situation of the specific area.

In order to bring about qualitative change exclusively in the lives of the children coming from a poor socio-economic background and with a view to reduce the wide gap between urban India (the ‘technology-rich’) and rural Bharat (the ‘technology-poor’), IFSAR Upper Primary School, a day-boarding school was established in village Gharsisar, Bikaner. The school is recognized by the Dept. of Education, Govt. of Rajasthan for providing education up to class VIII and follows the State Govt. Board’s curriculum. This establishment was conceived not merely as a school but as a rural centre for learning.

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IFSAR humbly solicits your encouragement, support and continued patronage so the children of the Thar may realize their potentials more